Silhouette - Amateur

Woodstock Nightlife

Adrian Mirgos


"Woodstock Nightlife"
Hundreds of thousands of people playing in the mud when it rains. Woodstock Festival, Poland, 2013.

Biography: Lives in a small village near Warsaw in Poland. Graduate of the ‘European Academy of Photography’ and ‘Active Art Study of Theater and Film Techniques’. He deals mainly reportage-document in b&w. Adrian was many times awarded in photo contests e.g. nominated for the Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year 2014, got 6 medals in International Photo Awards 2012-2014 (IPA), finalist Fotovisura Grant, honored an exhibition during Visa Pour l'Image. To the development his photo editing in 2013 made Vieworld - as a free online b&w photographic magazine - which leads to today with 2000...

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