Photojournalism - Professional

Beauty In Hell: Strong Contrasts

Tony Corocher

Honorable Mention

"Beauty In Hell: Strong Contrasts"
Strong contrast between the innocent beauty of the young girl, the vivid diffidence of the boy behind her, the finality of desperation shown by the man on the ground behind her. Mathare Slum, Nairobi.

Biography: Freelance documentary & fine art photographer based in Italy. In the last 3 years my work received several awards including: PX3, IPA, Allard Prize, Lens Culture Portrait Award, HIPA and others. I am particularly interested in the development of personal projects that give a real, current and, I hope, true vision of what is happening around the world. My long-term project �Beauty In Hell�, on which I�ve been working for 3 years, focuses on Beauty over Drama by finding and documenting the beauty (and not the drama) present in some of the most difficult realities around the world.

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