Still Life - Professional

Morning Newspaper

Michael Philip Manheim

Honorable Mention

"Morning Newspaper"
When I was a teen, my family moved into a house with this long, long driveway. By this time I always had a camera at the ready, and was intrigued with the footsteps that the paperboy left. He did keep the newspaper dry, by tossing it onto the porch where I was now standing. The composition, I realized, needed a focus. So I folded up another newspaper and completed the scene. This was in the 1950s and is included in my nostalgia project called How Once We Were.

Biography: "Photography was a passing interest, at age seven," according to Michael Philip Manheim, "when Cousin Bill gave me a box camera. At age thirteen it kicked in hard." "I was hooked," he recalled. "I became a kind of local treasure, winning contests with a good eye for composition but a whole lot to learn. I pursued photography with such a passion that it became my profession." These were exciting years for technical advancements in photographic films and equipment. Creativity was frequently linked to the latest breakthroughs. Manheim moved past a...

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