Still Life - Professional

Lost: Gwendolyn

Dianne Yudelson


"Lost: Gwendolyn"
With each loss of 11 babies, I kept mementos. They are all kept pristinely stored in a white box in my closet, as are the memories of their short lives kept pristinely stored in my heart.

Biography: Dianne Yudelson is an award winning photographic artist and master of the New Eclecticism Photography. Her work has been exhibited in Spain, France, Malaysia, Thailand, and throughout the USA and her images have been published in over 50 countries on 6 continents, including NBC, ABC, CNN, The New Yorker, CNN, New York Times International, Washington Post, Photographer’s Forum, LensCuture, The Photo Review, and the Huffington Post. Dianne is a two time Critical Mass Finalist and a Julia Margaret Cameron Award winner in documentary and street photography. Recent exhibitions include the...

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