Children of the World - Professional

 Victim of Dirty Politics

A.M. Ahad

Honorable Mention

" Victim of Dirty Politics "
People thrash 12-years-old Manik on suspicion that he explodes a homemade bomb. at a park.

Biography: A.M. Ahad is a photojournalist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh represented by Associated Press. Ahad holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Photojournalism from Ateneo de Manila University as a full scholar and also graduated in Mass communication, Media studies and Journalism from Stamford University Bangladesh. He achieved third prize in NPPA Photojournalism Award 2014, first prize in National Headliner Award 2014, category winner in 10th Annual Photoshare Contest 2015, first prize in Transparency International Photo Competition 2015, first second and third prize under several category in Life Press...

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