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Cuba Che Cuore

Patrizia Dottori


"Cuba Che Cuore"
Its a part of a work (Cuba on the wall) over the essential elements that contribute to the formation of the animus (soul) of this country, a unique island linked by a fil rouge that connects politics and life, the past and the present. A work that illustrates the light, the colours, the joie de vivre of its people, the streets and the big messages, in particular the exchange between new and old as seen through its political manifestos.

Biography: Born in Rome, I due my training to: Studio 10a, on 2008; David Harvey (TPW), on 2005 and 2006; Graffiti Association and Graffiti Press by Gianni Pinnizzotto, on 1998-1999; Videoambiente by Antonio Pluchino, from 1999, for cinema, photography and Teory of Colour by Luscher; Pentaprisma, by Stefano Carofei; Roberta Filippi, painter; Photomania, by Stefano Gioia. I live between Rome and Buenos Aires and I exhibit, from 1990 up to now, in Italy and abroad, including New York, Teheran, Havana, Instanbul, Barcellona, Genova, Turin, Rome, Buenos Aires and others. 2010: 1 Prize CapalbioArte; 8...

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