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In a Beating of Wings, Paris 2010

Matteo Cirenei


"In a Beating of Wings, Paris 2010"
Everything is relative, everything passes quickly: what yesterday seemed avant-garde (the modern form of the Eiffel Tower, Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889) compared to the classical forms of the bronze statues at the Esplanade (even if they are of 1937) is now already 2 centuries ago. A statue looks forward, the middle one is turned to look back, a pigeon in flight passes between the Eiffel Tower and the statue that looks to the future, everything goes .. in a beating of wings.Fine Art Ink Jet Carbon Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Bright White, from Negative Hasselblad. Edition: 6+2 a.p.

Biography: Started in 1991 while shooting extremely particular cuts of outstanding buildings in Milan and other European capitals boasting famous architectural works of art, the research evolves at the end of the first decade of the millennium, in an aesthetic approach that eliminates the overall vision of the building, re-creates an equilibrium of form in a new composition that comes from the combination of architectural elements and games of light and shade, plastic acts purely figurative. Metaphysical visions, abstractions which arise from the details of buildings designed by architectural masters.

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