Architectural - Amateur

Like a Harp's Strings II - Harmony

Julia Anna Gospodarou


"Like a Harp's Strings II - Harmony"
A long exposure image - Second part of an imaginary "Concert for Harp" played by the wind and clouds on the strings/cables of the Calatrava bridge in Athens.

Biography: Architect, Multi award-winning black and white fine art photographer (SWPA, IPA, PX3, IFPA, B&W Spider Awards, ND Awards), author and educator. Website: Mostly known for her B&W long exposure architectural photography, Julia has written the best-selling book From Basics to Fine Art – Back and White Photography She teaches sold out fine art photography workshops worldwide and works on commissioned photography projects. She is the creator of the term (en)Visionography™ that defines fine art digital photography, a genre that has to do more with the...

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