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MIREN KEREJETA "Alzheimer07"

Txomin Txueka


"MIREN KEREJETA "Alzheimer07""
Mrs. Miren Kerejeta, affected by Alzheimer's disease.

Biography: Born in Getaria (Basque Country). Txomin is an independant freelance photographer focused on depicting the human condition, social disparities and the armed conflicts. Awards: 2016 3rd Place: Professional-Editorial, Conflict TIFA-Tokyo International Foto Awards Honorable Mention: Professional-Editorial, General News ND-Neutral Density Photography Awards Finalist: Documentary & Editorial 9th Pollux Awards Honorable Mention & 2 Nominees: Professional-Photojournalism 11th Black and White Spider Awards 2 Honorable Mentions: Professional-People, Portrait...

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