Photojournalism - Amateur

Old Delhi Today (2014) Gertjan van Geerenstein

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

"Old Delhi Today (2014)"
May 2014, early morning, daily life in the streets of Old Delhi

Anti-austerity Protest in Rome Giuseppe Ciccia

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"Anti-austerity Protest in Rome"
Demonstration against Troika austerity measures in Rome

Dhaka Sewers Earl Baumgardner

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Dhaka Sewers"
Men working in the sewers in Dhaka Bangladesh

Doctor and Patient Only abdulrahman alterkait

Honorable Mention

"Doctor and Patient Only"
Doctor and patient only

Contradictions Philip Lawrence

Honorable Mention

Protestor at G20 Conference Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Cross Cultural Brian Jones

Honorable Mention

"Cross Cultural"

Barcelona Beggar Bill Rosenberg

Honorable Mention

"Barcelona Beggar"
Reality amid the opulence of La Rambla in Barcelona

Fire Men B&W Randy Turnbow

Honorable Mention

"Fire Men B&W"
A fire captain supports his men during a neighborhood car fire battle.

Je suis Charlie Christophe Vaille

Honorable Mention

"Je suis Charlie"
11-01-2015 Place de la Republique, Je suis Charlie event -

Bless The Children Arka Dutta

Honorable Mention

"Bless The Children"
During Gajan festival in Bengal, men with hooks pireced on back embrace children for their wellbeing

BloodBricks Guido Sperzaga
United Arab Emirates

Honorable Mention

India's urban boom is leading to a generation of slave labour

One afternoon in Queen Street Liz Hardley
New Zealand

Honorable Mention

"One afternoon in Queen Street"

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