Wildlife - Amateur

Bringing Home Breakfast Sandy Scott

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

"Bringing Home Breakfast"
I know this osprey quite well. This osprey has made his nest with his mate in the same spot in a very large county park in St. Petersburg, FL adjacent to a parking lot where I often park when I do a...

Bloody Cheetah Gian Luigi Fornari Lanzetti

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"Bloody Cheetah"
Side bloody face close-up of a wild cheetah after eating its prey. Serengeti National Park (Tanzania).

Penguin Jefflin Ling

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

This is Penguin shooting at Hokkaido, Japan 2015. It crowded among a penguins, stand and take a rest

Urban Wildlife Corridor Patrick Heinscher

Honorable Mention

"Urban Wildlife Corridor"
Under the bridges of Stockholm

Jump Kirill Dorofeev

Honorable Mention

This is jump of whale the near coast of Madagascar

Canine Ballet Dancer Petra Theilemann

Honorable Mention

"Canine Ballet Dancer"
dynamic balance on four legs trying to avoid the breaking wave

Jaguar Helen McFadden

Honorable Mention

A wild jaguar hunts in the water, Pantanal, Brazil

Curious Robi Chakraborty

Honorable Mention

Baby Capuchin Monkey, Costa Rica

Birds Offer Goldfarb

Honorable Mention

Lofoten islands, norway.

Eye Contact Oliver Raschka

Honorable Mention

"Eye Contact"
On a rainy day I discovered by chance this pelican lying beneath a wall at a pond. For just a second he looked me straight in the eye before he went away.

Chimp Robin Greenbaum

Honorable Mention


Window to the Soul Christine Ody
New Zealand

Honorable Mention

"Window to the Soul"

The Gaze Offer Goldfarb

Honorable Mention

"The Gaze"

Paso Fino Stallion Viveca Venegas
Puerto Rico

Honorable Mention

"Paso Fino Stallion"
Portrait of Everest, my stallion.

Aerial Abstract Rona Schwarz

Honorable Mention

"Aerial Abstract"
Two Juvenile Bald Eagles displaying courting behavior

Piercing The Veils Of Darkness Gian Luigi Fornari Lanzetti

Honorable Mention

"Piercing The Veils Of Darkness"
Closeup of a magnificent lion with an intense stare showing bright eyes. Serengeti National Park(TZ)

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