Photojournalism - Professional

Frightened Little Girl, NDOTO, Tanzania Dream Aernout Overbeeke

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

"Frightened Little Girl, NDOTO, Tanzania Dream"

Asylum Darren James

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

Romanian mental asylum patients.

Young Girl Demonstrating Aldo Frezza

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Young Girl Demonstrating"
People of Rome demonstrates against Salvini, a political near to extreme neo-fascists groups

Acid Attack in Bangladesh Finn Byrum

Honorable Mention

"Acid Attack in Bangladesh"
Young woman, begging on the streets in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She has been a victim of an acid attack - from her jaloux husbond. After she was thrown on the street by her own family.

Beauty In Hell: Strong Contrasts Tony Corocher

Honorable Mention

"Beauty In Hell: Strong Contrasts"
Strong contrast between the innocent beauty of the young girl, the vivid diffidence of the boy behind her, the finality of desperation shown by the man on the ground behind her. Mathare Slum, Nairobi.

The World's Largest Ritual Slaughter Kuni Takahashi

Honorable Mention

"The World's Largest Ritual Slaughter"
Butchers conduct mass sacrifice killing of buffalos during Gadhimai Festival in Bara, Nepal.The month-long Hindu festival, which is held once every five years, involves hundreds of thousands of sacrif

Les Madones de Gaza Philippe De Poulpiquet

Honorable Mention

"Les Madones de Gaza"
July 16, 2014. Family of four boys killed in ‪Gaza‬ mourn in front of the family house.

Skulls Tariq Zaidi

Honorable Mention

Part of a series on The Mentawai People, Hunters & Shamans of the Siberut Jungle, Indonesia

Tuberculosis in Bangladesh Probal Rashid

Honorable Mention

"Tuberculosis in Bangladesh"
Suruz Ali (25) has been suffering TB since 2012, sits in a hospital bed in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

 Block 1 - The White Building Tariq Zaidi

Honorable Mention

" Block 1 - The White Building"
Part of a series on life in an urban slum. Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Lost Wilhelm Scholz

Honorable Mention

Queensbridge Projects New York

Chacun chez soit Pierre Moreau

Honorable Mention

"Chacun chez soit"

Victory Marek Lapis

Honorable Mention

Feast of May 1 - Labour Day in Berlin (rim demonstration)

Scapegoats Fireball Bryan Helm

Honorable Mention

"Scapegoats Fireball"
James from the Scapegoats car club has made some small adjustments to his car exhaust.

Life at Risk Ziaul Haque

Honorable Mention

"Life at Risk"
People including kids are living a very insecure life at Tajgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Journey of Hope Antonio Gibotta

Honorable Mention

"Journey of Hope"

Dead City Mahfuzul Hasan Bhuiyan

Honorable Mention

"Dead City"
Brick field and its massive destruction to environment

Beauty In Hell: The Street Children Tony Corocher

Honorable Mention

"Beauty In Hell: The Street Children"
These children are part of the so called "Street Children", some of the most dangerous gangs in Nairobi, Kenya. The "children" in this photo are 14 and 17 years old. Mathare...

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