Architectural - Amateur


Bill Rosenberg


Gas Natural Fenosa's corporate HQ in Barcelona is a complex of buildings, whose most outstanding feature is a 20 floor glass tower with a spectacular cantilevered structure. Located in La Barceloneta, a neighborhood of the Ciutat Vella district near the seafront, it has become a landmark of the Barcelona skyline. I was walking beneath this magnificent building one sunny morning when I looked up and saw dozens of images of the surrounding area reflecting clearly in the faceted structure. An amazing good fortune.

Biography: Photography has been a part of my life since picking up my father's Kodak folding 3A camera. From darkroom to digital, my pursuit of fine photographs has been a constant companion. I am always amazed and grateful for where the journey takes me. Whether my camera is in my hand or the image is on the computer screen, they have my full attention. My images are intimate to me and my hope is to offer my very best to the viewer.

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