Fine Art - Amateur

Mother Earth, The Fertility

Madeleine-Josephine Fierz


"Mother Earth, The Fertility"
If a hawk beats too strong with the wings so that changes our Mother Earth - The Fertility. The metaphor of the Mother Earth, he changed the world by beating their wings should inspire us, what could each of us do to our Mother Earth. Nothing is as it was. The lungs of the earth is the jungle and he is increasingly deforested. When she returns, finally, the dry desert lies ahead of it. She begins to look at the forces of nature to bend. She lies naked. But nature begins catch them. This topic is very deathlier in photo collages and worked out beautifully. The posture, the environment, the moods are color-coordinated. Be it the striving is from the tree where around cheerfully felled by the light emergence. Or retreat to the cave. Disillusionment and still some green plants in the desert. But the ice melts further, the climate has become unpredictable.

Biography: For my photo projects I travel in selected countries and places. From the stories, impressions and numerous photographs, I then compose art images, like a musician playing his Symphony with different instruments of digital opportunities. I discovered my passion for photography at 16 years. Since 5 years I devoted myself exclusively to art photography with an very individual style. Spontaneity and creativity are evident in my experimentation. I love playing with lighting, black and white, colors and shapes.

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