Photojournalism - Amateur

Memories Held

Bill Rosenberg


"Memories Held"
The bronze of the young boy in the foreground is "Field Of Blue" by the artist George Lundeen and it stands in front of the Cornell Museum located in downtown Delray Beach, FL. I was out doing some night photography and was close to the statue. Anyone who has served our country instantly understands the symbolism of the triangular fold of our flag. Clutched in the young boy's arms magnifies its meaning. I was on a tripod pointing in another direction when out of the corner of my eye I saw this father and his young son enter the background and take a seat on the steps to enjoy some ice cream. The vision stopped me in my tracks and I had all I could do to swing the camera around and open the lens up to throw out the background to preserve the anonymity of the father and son. I dedicate this image which I have "re-purposed" with the title of "Memories Held" to all my fellow veterans.

Biography: Photography has been a part of my life since picking up my father's Kodak folding 3A camera. From darkroom to digital, my pursuit of fine photographs has been a constant companion. I am always amazed and grateful for where the journey takes me. Whether my camera is in my hand or the image is on the computer screen, they have my full attention. My images are intimate to me and my hope is to offer my very best to the viewer.

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