Abstract - Professional

Cloud Lines

Kevin Vandivier

Honorable Mention

"Cloud Lines"
While flying to an assignment, I looked out the window to see these clouds all lined up as though they had been placed in an order. I’ve never seen anything like it. I grabbed my camera and shot a few frames. Upon on returning to my studio I performed my post production on the image and again was amazed at how these clouds just lined up so perfectly as if it was a field and Jesus had just planted them there in these rows. I felt that perhaps God was metaphorically telling me to plant His seeds in His fields, my translation…Love others as He has loved me.

Biography: I 've been a professional photographer since 1978. I 've worked for the Dallas Times Herald for a few years and also for Texas Highways Magazine and @Austin Magazine. I 've freelanced most of my career shooting mostly corporate and editorial for clients like National Geographic Society, Texas Monthly, Newsweek, IBM, Citgo Oil, and Dell to name a few. I 've won several awards over the years for shooting and photo editing.

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