Fine Art - Professional

Spirit of the Night

Ilona Schneider


"Spirit of the Night"
Devonport: An old Port town in the north-west of Tasmania/Australia.

Biography: Education • Bachelor of Fine Art (College of Fine Art UTAS Hobart) majors in Photography and Electronic Media 2009 - 2013 • One year Diploma in electronic Publishing and Graphic Design Sep 1992 - June 1993 • Apprenticeship as professional photographer at Fotostudio Tautscher in Salzburg, Austria 1982 -1885 Publications/Presentations • SOLASTALGIA Exhibition Catalogue with Essays and Exhibition Photographs June 2015 • Moran Prize Semi Finalist: The Dam, gicl้e print, 56 x 84 cm 2013 • Island Magazine 131 Photography and Essay: "Thoughts of a Traveler" Summer...

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