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Blurred Lines

Paula Rae Gibson


"Blurred Lines"
the past is always echoing

Biography: →Paula Rae Gibson is an English photographer and singer-songwriter. She is the widow of film director Brian Gibson. Contents [hide] 1 Career 1.1 Photography 1.2 Music 1.3 Film 2 Awards and honors 3 Discography 4 Filmography 5 References 6 External links Career[edit] Photography[edit] Rae Gibson's photographic work is represented by three books of photographs, Diary of a Love Addict (2006) and (Fear I Know Not) I'll Always Walk Away (2007), published by German publisher Kehrer.2016 "Rae" was released by Eyemazing Editions. [1] The first, Diary of a Love Addict, was...

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