Still Life - Professional

Pinyon Cone and Snow

Burt Crapo


"Pinyon Cone and Snow"
Pinyon Pine cone emerging from the winter's snow in the Virginia Mountains outside Reno, NV. I was scouting around in my Jeep looking for things to photograph when I saw this pinyon pine cone with the snow clinging to it. With the pine cone not having opened yet I saw this as a conquering of the winter months and looking forward to a brighter day.

Biography: I have always been able to see things in the natural world that others don't. The smallest things interest me and that is what I photograph for others to see. It doesnít matter if itís a big scenic shot or a macro shot. My goal is to make a photograph that someone can look at and say "I have been there and I've never seen that." Photography is as much about the art of discovery as it is about art itself. It is a way to develop and express one's sense of wonder and exploration and share it with others.

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