Nude - Professional


Cathrin Schulz
South Africa


A project with animal handler Luke Cornell and his wild animal sanctuary. South Africa, 2014.

Biography: 2014 Cheetah Conservaton Fund (CCF) Non-Profit Organization Otjiwarogo, Namibi 2014 New York, USA see | me seemetakeover @ New York Times Square art display 25-story-tall video billboard 2014 Malaga, Spain Award: JULIA MARGARET CAMERON AWARD exhibited at 3rd International Biennial of Documentary & Fine Art Photography Municipal Museum Edition: ANDROG[Y.]N 2014 Cape Town, South Africa M.I.S.S. GAYETIES The Bello Studio Edition: CRYING WOLVES | 61. 2014 Long Island City, USA see | me gallery ONE LIFE 2013 Edition: YOUNGBLOOD meets ANDROG[Y.]N 2014 Queensland,...

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