Photojournalism - Professional

Thousands of Refugees Making Their Way North through Europe arie kievit

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

"Thousands of Refugees Making Their Way North through Europe"
10-9-2015 IDOMENI, Greece , this border crossing with Macedonia is a chaotic scene of brutal police

2016 Taiwan Earthquake Yingting Shih

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"2016 Taiwan Earthquake"
A magnitude-6.4 earthquake struck southern Taiwan at 03:57 local time (19:57 UTC) on February 6, 2016. The earthquake was the deadliest earthquake in Taiwan since the 921 earthquake in 1999.

Life On The Streets: One Year Later Wayne Kaulbach

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Life On The Streets: One Year Later"

Terrorist Threat after the Attack on Charlie Hebdo arie kievit

Honorable Mention

"Terrorist Threat after the Attack on Charlie Hebdo"
Belgie, Antwerpen18 januari 2015 After the attack on Charlie Hebdo a few days ago, the terrorist thr

Life in Camp Babak Mani

Honorable Mention

"Life in Camp"
I took this photo in the Camp that named "JUNGLE" in Calais - France several months ago. Very cold climate, poor situation, lacked of food and clean water and hygiene were important...

Vongolari in Protesta Alberto Cicchini

Honorable Mention

"Vongolari in Protesta"
Pescatori di vongole protestano in strada il progetto del parco marino

Photojournalism Roberto Soares-Gomes

Honorable Mention

Berlin, Germany.


Honorable Mention

"LGBT Protest"
LGBT Protestor in Istanbul

Srebrenica 2016 Patrizia Dottori

Honorable Mention

"Srebrenica 2016"
Srebrenica cerimony on 2016: 127 more bodies 127 bodies have received burial after 21 years

Egyptian Protest Ady Kerry

Honorable Mention

"Egyptian Protest"

Tattoo Parlour Lynn Clayton
New Zealand

Honorable Mention

"Tattoo Parlour"
Nonchalent bystander at the tattoo parlour

A Little Help Wilco van Dijen

Honorable Mention

"A Little Help"
Uganda 2015, malnourished child getting help

Sleep Carolina Paltrinieri

Honorable Mention

Sleep in the operating room before rebirth

Syrian Conflict 02, Aleppo, Syria Txomin Txueka

Honorable Mention

"Syrian Conflict 02, Aleppo, Syria"
In these years of civil war, figures are chilling and don't stop growing. According to UN data, it is estimated that more than 300,000 people have been killed, more than 3 million people are refugees.

Exhumed Head Arindam Shivaani

Honorable Mention

"Exhumed Head"
Hindu devotees dancing with human remains during a Hindu festival called Charak or Shiva Gajan in Ku

Beggar Finn Byrum

Honorable Mention

Beggar with leprosy, lying on the street in Bangladesh

Man in Tears Wilhelm Scholz

Honorable Mention

"Man in Tears"
Recently released prisioner back to living in the Queensbridge Projects...America's largest low income housing development.

Child with Polio Dire Dawa Ethiopia Gabor Gasztonyi

Honorable Mention

"Child with Polio Dire Dawa Ethiopia"
Child with Polio is being carried about by his father begging for money.

Firewood Cees Rijnen

Honorable Mention

Energy to cook at home, Bagan Myanmar.

Caskets Adolfo Enriquez Calo

Honorable Mention

People go out into the coffins to thank who have overcome serious illness

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