Sport - Amateur

after the match Andreas Camenisch

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

"after the match"
The third half.

The spiral manouever Lezanne Gibbs
New Zealand

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"The spiral manouever"
Fly boarding in Queenstown.

Feet in the Air Robb Johnson

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Feet in the Air"
from the humorous side of golf

Pantyushin-Alexandr_Nord Alexandr Pantyushin

Honorable Mention


Sustainable Catch Luke Gordon

Honorable Mention

"Sustainable Catch"
A Fijian spear fisherman displays his early morning catch, an Oriental Sweetlips.

Round Three Vanda Ralevska

Honorable Mention

"Round Three"

Fishing in Repose Don Holman

Honorable Mention

"Fishing in Repose"

For dust and glory Lezanne Gibbs
New Zealand

Honorable Mention

"For dust and glory"
Hanging on and hoping to make it at the Wanka Rodeo in New Zealand.

Babyfoot Youth Competition in Africa Amy Siqveland

Honorable Mention

"Babyfoot Youth Competition in Africa"

Walk the Line Martina Platte
Hong Kong

Honorable Mention

"Walk the Line"

Fight Night Seamus Vanecko

Honorable Mention

"Fight Night"
Fight party at the East Bay Rats Motorcycle Club in Oakland, CA.

Playing Hands Shifra Levyathan

Honorable Mention

"Playing Hands"

Team Oscar Manso

Honorable Mention


Joy after race Kam Wah Tang
Hong Kong

Honorable Mention

"Joy after race"

The Lone Spectator Liz Hardley
New Zealand

Honorable Mention

"The Lone Spectator"

untitled 150 Elmo Tide

Honorable Mention

"untitled 150"

Demolition Derby Michael Gard

Honorable Mention

"Demolition Derby"

8 second Andrea Ivor

Honorable Mention

"8 second"
I went to a rodeo where this bull was attended at his first time. He was strong and wild and the rid

Golden Glory Jonathan Bugeja

Honorable Mention

"Golden Glory"
'Golden Glory' on his return to the ring in the event "the govna' by prize promotions malta

Soccer and Flags Pedro Farias-Nardi
Dominican Republic

Honorable Mention

"Soccer and Flags"
Young boys play soccer next to the building of the American Embassy. Cuba

Rodeo Spill 5 Brian Jones

Honorable Mention

"Rodeo Spill 5"

Body builder SHM Mushfiqul Alam

Honorable Mention

"Body builder"
A body builder getting ready for the Mr. Bangladesh competition.

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