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Trump Rally

Jim Lustenader

Honorable Mention

"Trump Rally"
The Naked Cowboy is something of an urban legend in NYC, so when I saw him performing on behalf of Trump in front of the candidate's eponymous tower I knew it was a fantastic photo op. Given the heat of the campaign, I was interested in capturing the energy of Trump's supporters and the reactions of bystanders as the Cowboy belted out a ballad he wrote in Trump's honor. And the 'Rump' was a perfect footnote to the occasion.

Biography: I am a street photographer because I love capturing the extraordinary, subtle elements of the human condition, often dismissed as being mundane. As a scene unfolds, I look for the almost-visceral moment that reflects the poetry, irony, sadness or humor of everyday life. My work is candid, intuitive and spontaneous. What you see is what I saw and felt when I pressed the shutter release. I invite viewers to seek out narrative threads that lend perspective to how people interact with each other and their surroundings. How light, shadow, gesture and motion combine to convey a mood or tell a story.

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