Wildlife - Professional

Fisherman owl

Suk Eun Kim
Korea (South)


"Fisherman owl"
Blackston's Fish Owl caught fish to eat half, bring to incubate eggs wife

Biography: The 2017 International Photography Awards PRO. competition, 2th. 2016. 10Th ANNUAL PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris H/M 2016. France '29th Salon Photo de Riedisheim' (Med. Or FPF) 2016. Turkey MOF 2015 4th INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION MOF Ribbon. 2015. ‘70th Hong Kong International Salon of Photography 2015‘ FIAP H/M. 2015. Czech ‘2015 Indian Summer’ UPI Gold Medal. 2014. 14th PSI International Print/Digital Salon-2015 Gold Medal. 2014. Czech 'PhotoART Vision International Salon 2014' Gold Meda.

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