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AW Flagship Store

Koen Van Damme


"AW Flagship Store"
Alexander Wang Flagship Store, London, Vincent Van Duysen architects & Alexander Wang

Biography: Koen Van Damme's architectural photography is intense and concentrated, involving much more than just taking pictures. Although reality cannot be captured in a photograph, Koen Van Damme reveals essential beauty by cleverly combining fragments of the whole.  Caroline Goossens, 21.09.12  
Publications in Frame, P&I, Prismes Editions, Decors, A+U, Deco Magazine, Federico Motta Editore, Belgium New Architecture, Ons erfdeel, Vimadeco, Case da Abitare, Kwintessens, de Architect, Jaarboek Architectuur, A+, a.mag, Architectural Digest, Domus 

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