Wildlife - Professional

Breathtaking Moments

Anouk Baumann


"Breathtaking Moments"
Parklandranch, Canada - memorable encounters with all kinds of horses, remaining in my memory for ever.

Biography: Born 1967 in Switzerland. Extended traveling and stays in the Far East, USA and Europe, combined with reports. For 20 years she worked in advertising/marketing/graphics/Foto in the travel - and as well as in the music industry. 1999 founding with partner Adrian Sturzenegger (Ad-Rian) the Creative Lounge - Recording Studio - Photo Studio. Since 2008 the photostudio is named: Anouk Fotodesign Exibitions: 5th Art International Zurich Kulturzentrum Karl der Grosse Zurich Swiss Art Gallery KFI Lucern etc. Nominee in Masters Cup International color award 2011

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