Architectural - Amateur

Futuristic Alien Hive Tower

Rachel Choong M H

Honorable Mention

"Futuristic Alien Hive Tower"
Unique and contemporary condo design, create an illusion of futuristic alien hive headquarter tower. The structure also looks like giant UFO Mothership on earth.

Biography: I am a hobbyist photographer who enjoys taking photographs and love the artistic freedom that it gives me.I am like a painter without paintbrush and my eyes and camera are the tools to paint a beautiful picture.I love photography because it has the power to evoke my emotions and in people when they look at my photos.Photography has influenced and changed the way I see the world. Achievements in photography 2015: 1) 8th Annual International Color Awards, nominee in Architecture Category (Amateur). 2) International Photography Awards (IPA), awarded Honorable Mention in Architecture...

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