Fine Art - Amateur

Moules de bouchot - Wissant, Côte d'Opale,France, 2017

Johannes Bosgra


"Moules de bouchot - Wissant, Côte d'Opale,France, 2017"
Clean mussel piles on the beach of Wissant on the Opal Coast of France

Biography: Johannes Bosgra (NL, 1979) has travelled to the most desolate places on earth from a young age, from Antarctica to Alaska. He developed a passion for photography on these journeys. Besides photographer Johannes is a pianist. He uses philosophy and contemporary classical music as an inspiration in the creation of his photography and video work and explores the links between classical music and visual art. Bosgra is influenced by notable artists Gerhard Richter, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Andreas Gursky. He received awards by the International Photography Awards, Black & White Spider Awards and...

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