Photojournalism - Amateur

Terminal 4

Anthony Ramirez

Honorable Mention

"Terminal 4"
Taken during the Jan 21, 2017 protest of US President Trump's refugee ban. Traversing the mass of protesters gathered at JFK Airport Terminal 4 that night, I realized that it was the onus of the American people, to come together and lift a lamp beside modern America's golden door and my privilege to capture those moments.

Biography: Having studied screenwriting and video game writing at Gotham Writers Workshop in New York City, Anthony is a searcher for the stories of our real world, as well as a creator of those of fiction. After the 2016 US presidential election, he began documenting the wave of political activism that followed, as a photojournalist. Guided by his storyteller perspective, he captures compelling moments of protest and political expression, with his trusty Canon Rebel T2i. Shepherd Wolves is a social-media (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) based outlet, conceived and operated by Anthony, where he shares his...

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