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MAMUTHONES & ISSOHADORES: Ancient Pagan Carnival in Sardinia

Tony Corocher


"MAMUTHONES & ISSOHADORES: Ancient Pagan Carnival in Sardinia"
Two traditional masks still visible during the ancient pagan Carnival held in the town of Mamoiada, Sardinia, Italy. Here 2 local people helping during the very private dressing ceremony.

Biography: Currently based near Venice (Italy). Attended Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London,UK), Westminster University (Foundation Studies Diploma in Art and Design, London) and Graduated in Graphic Design from Kingston University (BA Hons – London, UK). Spent the following 18 years switching between various forms of design and photography while working on different assignments/projects and collaborating with companies and individuals from around the world. My documentary work focuses mainly on social, anthropological and humanitarian issues. At the same time, I remain very much...

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