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Caspar Arnhold


Twisted truth. Model Sarah B. @Eastwest MakeUp T. Pistel, Hair A. Ebeleseder, Styling L. Cress-Arnhold, AD K. Fatali-Nagel

Biography: Caspar Arnhold was born and raised in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. At the age of 20 he spread his wings and moved to London to study acting & drama under the guidance of teachers and directors such as Mariana Hill, Don Fellows, Claude Chagrin, Sir Timothy Ackroyd & Anthony Simmons. Although Caspar started out his career as an actor and became a well known face in German film and television in the process, he realised very quickly that he wanted to move to the other side of the lens, a place he would find far more appealing in order to tell his own stories. This isn't surprising...

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