Children of the World - Professional

Ballroom champions

Gia To


"Ballroom champions"
World Championship of Ballroom dancing in Taiwan, junior dancers

Biography: Gia To is a multiple Awarded French photographer based in Taiwan, dedicated to performing arts, sports and events. Her work is deeply embedded with dance, France and Taiwan. She works with renowned dance companies like Cloud Gate of Taiwan. Gia To是一位法國得獎攝影師。她的作品是針對舞蹈,動作和活動。她也獲過巴黎Px3攝影獎,法國當年職業攝影獎。 She's often featured in medias like New York Times, The Guardians, Telerama, See Dance. She also won the Px3 Paris Photo Award, and French Photography of the year. IG@giato_fr

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