Fine Art - Amateur


Fuyuki Hasegawa


The work "Canal" is included in the series "e0". When I face the subject, the memory, the sign or the indication of the future is induced. These moments are what I'm taking. With the images which are unrelated to the audience, not knowing when and where I take them, I'd like to provoke one's memory, the signs and suggestions. I want inspire the audience. e0 (Epsilon Zero): Epsilon is a physical constant of permittivity for capacitor of electric parts. The title, Epsilon zero means permittivity of vacuum (air). I consider the subject and I act as a capacitor and evocate the memory,the signs and indication of the audience instead of electrical charge.

Biography: 1964 Born in Aichi, Japan -- Solo Exhibition -- 2016: "ε0 (Epsilon Zero)" Nikon Salon GINZA,Tokyo,Japan. 2010: "The City of Pomegranate" Gallery 26Moon,Tokyo,Japan. 2005: "Color of Cloud" Gallery 26Moon, Tokyo,Japan. -- Participated Festival -- 2017: MONSTER Gallery YPF, Arles ,France. 2017: KYOTO GRAPHIE KG+,Kyoto ,Japan. 2016: Meet us in Arles YPF,Arles,France. 2015: What's up Photo Doc YPF booth, Paris,France. -- Collection -- 2011: "REBORN" Bibliotheque nationale de...

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