People - Amateur

An Agathokakological exhibition of human instincts

Soumya Chattapadhyay

Honorable Mention

"An Agathokakological exhibition of human instincts"
Life Imitating Art, Imitating Life

Biography: My name is Soumya Chattapadhyay and I am 33 years old an amateur photographer and an ardent traveller works in a Pharma Company,named Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd in India as a Senior Marketing Executive. I was born and raised in a small city named Howrah in the state of West Bengal,India.I started Photography when I was twenty two.The Images I create are influenced by Environment and People. Streets,People with their different activities always attracts me and it is important that there is a strong connection between the culture and people in my images.I try to be transparent in my work.I...

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