Architectural - Professional

Unusual point of view to a stairway

Andre Melo-Andrade

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"Unusual point of view to a stairway"
Beauty is not exactly where everyone is looking for. Here we can see a circular stair in a photo taken under bottom-up direction: the light affects the construction in a not comom way.

Biography: Besides photography courses, Andre Melo-andrade has studied economics and holds a master of science in history. His photos mainly depict landscapes & people and can be found on walls inside restaurants, condominium areas and residences. Throughout his career he has worked in studios, teaching courses, photographing the Brazilian Carnival and publishing images in newspapers, websites & magazines. Andre also made photo exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro city and Paraty city during the 2016 Olympic Games, and gave in five images to an e-book in the same year. During 2017 exhibited...

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