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Gowanus Canal Brooklyn

Lothar Troeller


"Gowanus Canal Brooklyn"
The Gowanus Canal has chances to become beautiful again...

Biography: Born in Aachen, Germany, Lothar Troeller came to live and work in New York City in 2002. He showed his work in Reutligen (Germany), Strasbourg (France), Cologne (Germany), New York (NY), Delray Beach (FL), Middleburg (VT), and Medellin (Colombia). His latest focus is on social documentary in Antioquia, in the mountains of Colombia, where the war between guerillas and contras (paramilitary) cost thousands of lives. After a devastating house fire, he rescued burned slides, and the obtained scans – Children of Fire – were shown in November 2018 at Boyd|Satellite Gallery in New Orleans, and...

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