Nude - Professional

Untitled No1. 2000, 70x65x6cm

Luca Gobolyos


"Untitled No1. 2000, 70x65x6cm"
I printed photographs onto transparent foils andcast them into a transparent plastic mould layerbyl

Biography: Dr. Luca Gobolyos currently lives and works in Budapest and Cologne. She studied photography at the Hungarian academy of Craft and Design in Budapest where she received her MA in 1994. She has won numerous national & international awards and her work has been showcased in Expo Chicago, Ludwig Museum (Budapest), Biennial Istambul, National Gallery of Modern Art (New Delhi), Vienna Art Fair, Walter Bischoff Galerie (Berlin). Apart from her personal artistic practice, since 2009 she has been an Associate Professor, Head of the Photography Department at the Budapest Metropolitan University.

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