Wildlife - Professional


Joseph Anthony
Hong Kong

Honorable Mention

Two elephants connect on the banks of the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. Males often do this to size each other up for dominance but it can also be a sign of play and affection. I was on a boat when I captured this image. We were sailing close to the banks when a small herd was spotted. The boat is operated by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and I was there as part of an ongoing project documenting the work of the UWA and the Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF) as they embark on the ambitious recovery of Queen Elizabeth National Park Project. Human vs elephant conflict is one of the issues they have to resolve. Not far from where this photo was taken there is a fishing village and elephants come very close to where the fishing boats launch as they use the same stretch of water on the banks of the Kazinga channel. Connecting humans with nature is part of the long term solution and that aim of the UWA/UCF project inspired the metaphor and title.

Biography: Joseph Anthony is a multiple award winning I AM Nikon photographer, photojournalist, story teller, explorer and writer available for hire across multiple genres, He specialises in wildlife and nature photography but has also been known for his sports photography and for his extensive coverage of the historic 2018 volcanic eruption in Hawaii. He provides tuition and sells prints and books and is available to host photo safaris globally. He is currently documenting an anti poaching and conservation story in Uganda for the Uganda Conservation Foundation and the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

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