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Athens Street

Paul Eric Johnson


"Athens Street"
'Athens Street' is a print from my Crappy Negatives series. While packing to move recently I pulled a broken down cardboard box from a dusty shelf and with a cheap free scanner that came with the new computer close at hand, I thought to at least have some record of the old negatives it contained, even some the first rolls I ever processed. Despite, or rather more likely because of the effects of poor quality, the damage, and the low resolution with no backlighting scans, the light just bounced around, when looking at them on screen, I stared to wonder "well what if...".

Biography: Paul Eric is the author of two travel books published by Voyageur Press, his poetry has been published in the Black Earth Institute's About Place Journal, and for years he photographed New England represented by Liaison International. His work was featured in Mastering Digital Printing, the first definitive "textbook", and has been recognized by Polaroid, Kodak, Fujifilm, and Ilford. Paul is a board member of the Eastern Connecticut Center for History Art and Performance, an elected member of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, and a Guild member at the Silvermine Arts Center in...

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