Advertising - Professional

Creased for Life

Sreekumar Krishnan

Honorable Mention

"Creased for Life"
This photo was shot as part of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment of women at workplace in India for client BCP Associates, Bangalore, India. Unlike most sexual harassment ads, we needed to work on something hard hitting which reminds the concept of Prevention. To bring the message out, a real photograph was crushed to create wrinkles, and then re photographed and displayed, implying that it's impossible to remove the creases on paper once crushed. Same goes out for harassment, as the victim will carry for life these scars. Inspired by what my master Sri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji once said 'Once you crush paper, try getting it back to its original pristine state. Same goes for human life'.

Biography: Black & White Spider Awards 2019 - Honourable mention for Advertising, 2018 - Honourable mention in Nature photography. Sreekumar is a professional photographer, spiritualist and a light-hearted individual based from Bangalore, India. Having worked 20 years in the Advertising and Marketing industry he last headed the digital division for MRM//McCann as AVP in Bangalore for 8 years. He carries the base foundation for what qualifies to create great images which matter in terms of communication. The early years of photographing in film roll mode, gave him a sound foundation of...

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