Fine Art - Professional

Desire 01

Helen de Vries


"Desire 01"
We all have "secret" desires. Everyone finds their own way of loving and caring. We often fight against our own feelings. You suppress your needs and desires, you're ashamed of yourself, for your own thoughts, emotions and feelings. You're ignoring your own thoughts. We all are searching for happiness, fulfillment, and inspiration. The monitoring of emotional stimuli, can be an adventure in its own way. If your partner is going along with you, then this could be a way to find new experiences, or at least to search for them.

Biography: I studied photography at the Photo academy in Holland and have been working for for many years with companies in the private sector and on personal projects. I like to create images which are not common. People need to think when they see them. I like it when the viewers start a discussion about my images. This means that the image makes an impact on them. I think it is important that images speak for themselves. I like to make the images in black and white, because colors are often misleading. I prefer to show people what I want them to see without color distracting them.

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