Still Life - Amateur


Rima Virbauskaite


Pinhole camera - Harman Titan, 8x10" film sheet, developer - caffenol C, negative solarisation process.

Biography: Rima Virbauskaite is a photographer born in Vilnius, Lithuania. She focuses on fine art photography. Works with medium and large format pinhole cameras: Zero 612B, P.90, Harman Titan 4x5", Harmon Titan 8x10", with film and direct positive paper. She uses environment friendly developer - caffenol C (coffe, soda and vitamin C), experiment with alternative print processes and other creative ideas. One of them - black and white images coloring with natural dyes, such as saffron, blue butterfly pea flowers, weld, madder, onion skins, blueberries, hibiscus and etc.

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