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Sandy Shapes

David Frutos Egea


"Sandy Shapes"
After some torrential rains in the area of ​​the Mar Menor (Spain), appeared some sand figures.

Biography: David Frutos Egea was born in 1974, in Murcia in the southeast of Spain and has developed an interest in photography since 2008. He loves nature, specially the Mediterranean coast where he lives. David graduated from the University of Murcia in 1996 and in 2014 graduated from Image by Ramon y Cajal Institute. He uses long exposure techniques for Fine Art works and landscapes. His photographs have been published in print and digital media such as Naturaleza Salvaje, La Naturaleza Habla LNH, Canonikos, El Paisaje Perfecto, Stark-Magazine, eZine by Nathan Wirh, Andrew S. Gibson, LMF.

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