Abstract - Amateur

Steel Leaf

Stefano Degli Esposti


"Steel Leaf"
Study of the architectural features of the Beekman tower - New York City (USA)

Biography: Stefano Degli Esposti, born in Casalecchio di reno (Bologna-Italy) in 1958 is a manager and an amateur phototographer. He likes to capture everything impress himself, with a special attitude for abstract. His main exhibitions are based in Milan: MIA Photo Fair ‘17, Photo Festival ‘18 and ‘19. His work “Windowntown Remake” (project Citypatterns) was included in the official poster of 2018 edition. His project Fantascape (abstract aerial reportage) has been awarded with a bronze medal at PX3 Paris Photo Prix ‘18 in cat. Nature and a couple honorable mentions at IPA ’19...

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