Architectural - Amateur

Surveillance, 2018

Daniela Gobetti


"Surveillance, 2018"
"Surveillance", in its full range of meanings, was the title I chose in 2018, when only epidemiologists were expecting a pandemic; it now seems prophetic. (Detroit images from the series Openings.)

Biography: Born in 1952, Daniela grew in the Italian city of Turin, butlived in the US for many years, mostly in Ann Arbor. She is a philosopher by training and profession, and a bilingual writer and poet in Italian and English. Holder of a Certificate in Technical Photography from WCC, Ann Arbor, her photographic work aims to capture the structural features of reality, to articulate what lies below the surface of things, and to explore the boundary between seeing and imagining. Her work has received numerous recognitions in American and international competitions. It was shown at the Scarab Club in...

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