Fine Art - Amateur

I think, therefore I am (prologue)

Pen-Yuan Hsu


"I think, therefore I am (prologue)"
Initially, the stream of thought seems indistinct, like trying to see through a mist.

Biography: I was attracted to the charm of cats and began photographing. Widely active in cats photography and fine art photography. Awards: 2017 IPA, Special-Pets, Honorable Mention. 2018 MIFA, Nature-Pets, Honorable Mention. 2018 IPA, Special-Pets, Fine Art-Abstract, Honorable Mention. 2019 FAPA, Abstract, Nominee. 2019 MIFA, Nature-Pets, Honorable Mention. 2019 IPA, Fine Art-Abstract, Fine Art-Others, Honorable Mention. 2019 ND Awards, Fine Art-Abstract, Honorable Mention. 2020 IPA, Fine Art-Still Life, 1st Place. 2021 PX3 Advertising-Food, Gold.

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