Silhouette - Amateur

Light on the forest

Alberto Perer


"Light on the forest"
Sunlight at sunrise on the coniferous forest of the Cansiglio mountain plateau, in the Venetian Prealps (Italy). The rays of light, through the fog, contrast with the profiles of the trees.

Biography: I was born in Treviso (Northern Italy) in 1978. I love mountain and nature photography. I like to capture the emotions nature gives me by embracing its many aspects, such as rocks, plants and water in my work. The scenery presented in front of me, and the feelings it arouses in me, guide the development of my photos: black & white or colour are not just random choices. Composition and correct exposure are determinant in the making of my pictures. I can encapsulate my vision of photography in these words: "The colours of light... when nature paints itself."

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