Silhouette - Amateur

Parallel Lines & Patterns Series - Mysterious Beliefs

Nicole Vittoria de Jager
South Africa


"Parallel Lines & Patterns Series - Mysterious Beliefs"
Sultry, mysterious or serene? It’s all of it! - 30th December 2019 - Havana, Cuba

Biography: My love for photography was ignited decades ago but only in 2019, gifted with my first DSLR, did my passion become my reality. Amidst my love of crazy and complex is an equal love of structure and simplicity. I am drawn to it all, capturing moments that stir something deep within. I am as fascinated by the human psyche, by what makes us tick, as I am passionate about photojournalism and humanitarian issues.I would like to use my work to document, expose and initiate change in the lives of those who do not have a voice.I believe this is how I can best action the philosophy “pay it...

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