Silhouette - Professional

the divine space

Daichi Ito


"the divine space"
it is a gateway of a shrine and passing the gateway means that you are entering the divine space.

Biography: Self Published BOOK: 2017 INSIDE WORK, 2016 OUTSIDE WORK, & HOME ​ ZINE: 2018 World Tour: 2017 GROUP SHOW: 2017 JULY "VSVN" IN TOKYO ​ AWARDS: 2021 EPSON meet up! -selection- 2020 - NOMINATED (入選) (Title: "SUNFLOWER(向日葵)") 2021 The 81st International Photographic Salon (第81回 国際写真サロン) - NOMINATED (入選) (Title: "Pokemon") 2020 15th BLACK & WHITE SPIDER AWARDS - NOMINATED (Title: "the divine space") 2020 CENTRAL Photo Contest 2020 (セントラルフォトコンテスト) - Honorable...

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