Silhouette - Amateur

Parallel Lines & Patterns Series - Mysterious Beliefs

Nicole Vittoria de Jager
South Africa


"Parallel Lines & Patterns Series - Mysterious Beliefs"
Sultry, mysterious or serene? It’s all of it! - 30th December 2019 - Havana, Cuba

Biography: My love for photography was ignited decades ago but only in 2019, gifted with my first DSLR, did my passion become my reality. Amidst my love of crazy & complex is an equal love of structure & simplicity. I am drawn to it all, capturing moments that stir deep within. At times I cannot explain the impulsive need to shoot something. I just know & feel I must. I intend to use my work as a vehicle to document, expose & initiate change in the lives of those who do not have a voice. I believe this is how I am best able to action the philosophy, “pay it forward”.

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